Christine Brownrigg

Artist with the neurological condition Cerebellar Ataxia

Copyright 2013. Christine Brownrigg Artist. All rights reserved.


Example exhibitions
2023                     Holt Festival                                                             Group

2022                     Oxmarket Contemporary, Chichester                       Group
1985                     Goldsmiths University of London                              Solo
1983                     Commonwealth Institute, London                             Solo
1981                     Tennessee Technological University, USA                 Solo
1980                     John Peartree Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica                  Solo

Example art computing publications (with D.Brownrigg except *)
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Built Environments and Inhabitants: Transformed and Renewed
     Amps CONNECTIONS: Exploring Heritage, Architecture, Cities, Art Media
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Abstraction Using Mixed Global Transforms: Art and Aids to Art;
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(*) Chapter in: 2910112 Creative Computing 1: Volume 1:
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Contributed chapter in: Computers in Art, Design and Animation;
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Coloured Numbers and Repeated Memories;
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     Animation;Royal College of Art, London, 1986


Christine Brownrigg lives in Kent. She studied 3D at Sheffield College of Art, but her passion for painting has developed more recently. Despite having a number of health problems including a neurological one, she devotes herself almost daily to painting, concentrating on oil on canvas. Christine has concerns about pollution, global warming and the disposal of waste materials, subjects that she tackles in her paintings. She has for many years been a vegan and cares about animal welfare. 
She believes that art should bring these concerns to public attention and that passionate images may change minds whilst also bringing enjoyment through colourful compositions.